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We, the „Noggeler Guuggenmusig Lucerne“ welcome you to our website. Here you’ll find information and lots of stories behind and about our carnival band, the Lucerne carnival, detailed information what we do and news about our next trip to Chicago, USA. We will travel to Chicago the 11th time since we’ve started travelling to the USA in the year 1991..

Lucerne Carnival – What’s that?
Maybe you don’t know the Lucerne Carnival Festival. How should you, if you’ve never been there! Every year, towards the end of winter, Carnival breaks out in the streets, alleyways and squares of the old town. This is a glittering outdoor party, where chaos and merriness reign and nothing is as it normally is. Strange characters in fantastic masks and costumes make their way through the alleyways, while carnival musicians (Guggenmusigen) blow their instruments in joyful cacophony and thousands of bizarrely clad people sing and dance away the winter. With it’s unique carnival bands, playing everything from folklore to pop with common brass band instruments, played mostly by amateurs and it’s beautiful costumes, the Lucerne carnival is a one of the greatest events coming up in Lucerne. If you want to see some impressions of the carnival, please visit our „Gallery“ with tousands of pictures from the last few years.

The Carnival Bands, called „Guuggenmusig“
Invented in the first half of the 20th century, carnival bands have a long tradition in Lucerne. Instruments played by amateurs who try to play famous tunes from pop to the latest hits along to traditional Swiss tunes, carnival band play almost everything in a unique, not-allways-right-sounding way, which makes the difference to a professional brass band. You want to hear a “Guuggenmusig”? No problem, we recommend you our Webshop with the newest CD of the Noggeler Guuggenmusig we’ve recorded in 2008 or you can purchase our records in the Apple iTunes Store. Fiftheen sounding tracks of one of the most famous carnival bands in Lucerne.

What you’ll find on this site (site map)
First of all, you’ll find everything on this site is written in german. We know, that might be a bit difficult, but there are tools to translate the whole page to whatever language you prefer. There’s one word which is translated to „rude“ … that’s very wrong. The german word means „most excited“ oder „exceptionally“ … but it seems Google does not know that by now. So just replace every „rude“ in your head please! You’ll be surprised about all the pictures, videosstories and our agenda with all the events coming up. Last but not least we have created a special category about our trips to Chicago where you’ll find all information about our journeys to Chicago, USA, one of the sister city of Lucerne, in the years 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2015, 2018 and 2023. Enjoy it!

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